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Happy first Anniversary to Michael and Joy! These two had a lovely wedding at the IMA . You might remember seeing them being featured on the Glamour and Grace Wedding blog. We are so thrilled to celebrate this one year anniversary with you guys and many more to come! To check out their day click  here!
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Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Zack and Bibiana who were married last year in one of the most romantic places, Puerto Rico. Everything about this wedding was beautiful until they had wedding crasher, Tropical Storm Bertha, but that didn’t stop us from getting amazing photos of these two! To see more photos from their wedding, check out their original post here.


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Love is beautiful 

*Ah* What a stunning couple, a couple who truly are radiant. Jon and Jenny had a beautiful wedding held at Pepperdine University Chapel and carried over to Rancho del Cielo. Theres so much to say about this wedding but so little time, so if you want to see more of their spectacular day then you should check out the link so see more of their happily ever after!


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I’m so excited to share Mike & Madison’s stunning, wedding I photographed along side with Lauren from Lauren Balingit Photography. When Lauren asked if I would be interested in second shooting with her, I was extremely excited! Lauren is an incredibly talented photographer from Northern Indiana who also shoots with film and her work is just absolutely beautiful.

Here are a few of my favorites from Mike & Madison’s downtown wedding at the Mavris Arts & Event Center.

Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0118Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0119Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0120Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0121Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0122Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0123

I just love their reaction to seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day!

Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0124Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0125Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0126Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0127Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0128Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0129Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0130Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0131Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0132Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0133

Madison made for the most stunning bride!

Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0134Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0135Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0136Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0137Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0138Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0139

Love these photos below!

Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0140Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0141Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0142Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0143Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0144

If you haven’t already noticed,

I’m obsessed with her ring!

Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0145Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0146Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0147Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0148Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0149Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0150Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0151Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0152Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0153Mike & Madison Wedding Blog_0154

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Happy Anniversary to this beautiful, couple! Wow, a year goes by fast and we wish you many more! Congrats!!

If you there photos are stunning, then you should check their full album here! 2015-07-07_00322015-07-07_00282015-07-07_00312015-07-07_00292015-07-07_0030

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